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What You Need to Know About Cannabis Seeds

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Cannabis seeds can be a great addition to your garden. They’re packed with all sorts of nutrients, including omega-3s, amino acids, and antioxidants.

They’re also known to help with weight loss and maintain lean muscle mass. But they can be difficult to germinate, so it’s important to know how to start them off the right way.

Male and Female Plants

The first signs of gender on a cannabis plant will develop around four weeks after germination. This is when pre-flowers typically begin to form, and it’s a good idea to start checking them out as soon as they appear.

The main giveaway that a plant is a female is the appearance of fine, white hairs known as stigmas protruding from tiny tear-drop shaped buds (known as pistils). These will eventually grow out and become visible in the nodes where branches meet the central stalk.

On the other hand, male plants produce small pollen sacs which look like little balls when they open up. They also release a creamy-coloured pollen dust.

Seeds in Buds

The small, round, and tough outer casing of a cannabis seed is a sign that it is mature and healthy. The shell is covered with attractive dark markings that are unique to each seed and are called tiger stripes.

A cannabis seed will open up during germination to reveal its first roots (also known as taproots), which are vital for the development of a strong plant. These roots can grow into the soil, coco or peat to provide water and oxygen for the plant.

Cannabis seeds can take a few days to sprout depending on the environmental conditions and the storage method used. They may need to be placed in a humid place, kept warm and soaked with water.

If you want to try germinating cannabis seeds, put them on a paper towel, inside a plastic container, or between two plates that have been soaked in water. Keep the paper towels or plastic containers warm and moist, and check them every few hours to make sure they are staying saturated.

Germinating Seeds

Seeds are one of the most common ways to start your own cannabis garden. They are easy to grow, inexpensive and allow you to choose the genetics you like best.

Some seeds germinate very quickly, while others take longer to sprout. But most seeds will germinate within 3-10 days.

A seed has germinated when the seed splits and a single sprout appears. This sprout is the taproot that will become the main stem of your plant.

Once your cannabis seeds have germinated, they should be transferred to their final growing medium, such as soil or a root stimulator. They should be watered regularly and given a little extra warmth while getting used to outdoor conditions.

The easiest and most effective method for germinating cannabis seeds is to place them on wet paper towels or cotton wool. This is our recommended germinating method at La Huerta Grow Shop and it is incredibly efficient and cheap.


If you’re looking for a true replication of your desired phenotype, clones are an excellent option. They’re more reliable than seeds and yield a consistent crop.

Cloned cannabis plants are also a safer option than seedlings because they’ve already lived through a whole flowering cycle. This means they have a higher yield than young plants.

However, you should be wary of clones that have brown roots or white spots that may indicate pests. You also need to check if the clone has a healthy, thick taproot.

Many reputable growers believe that starting a plant from seed is the best way to ensure it has a strong root system. It also eliminates the possibility of clones inheriting diseases or pests from their mother plant.

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