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The Basics of Growing Cannabis Seed

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Cannabis seeds are the basic building blocks of your cannabis plant. When they sprout, they produce roots and flowers that are both useful in your crop.

When you buy cannabis seeds online, it is important to ensure that they are of high quality. Look for a seed bank that offers guaranteed germination, shipping, and customer support.


Cannabis seed germination is the process by which a seed absorbs water and starts to grow. This occurs when the seed’s main root (taproot) breaks through its shell, triggering it to look for moisture.

Seeds need heat and humidity to germinate, so it’s important to keep the environment at a good temperature. Aim for around 20 degrees C, though this can vary slightly from seed to seed.

There are a variety of methods you can use to germinate seeds. One of the most common is to soak them in water.


The right soil can spell the difference between an underperforming crop and a harvest that exceeds your expectations. Soil provides cannabis plants with the nutrient base that helps them grow strong and healthy.

Soil also contains a diverse range of beneficial microorganisms that are vital for cannabis seed to thrive from seed to harvest. These microorganisms are essential for absorbing key nutrients and sending them straight to the roots of your plants.

A good base for a cannabis seed mix will include a potting soil or sphagnum moss, with the option of adding coco coir, perlite, vermiculite, or other ingredients based on your preferences and needs. A soil mixture with the correct texture, drainage, and water retention will be a good start.


Water is an essential part of growing cannabis seed. However, it can also be the root of many problems if not properly managed.

The quantity of water a plant needs depends on several factors, including temperature, humidity, and soil moisture. As a rule, plants consume a little more water when they are young and less as they mature.

Keeping a close eye on your cannabis seeds will help you determine when they need more or less water. Taking note of these signs will allow you to avoid overwatering, which can result in discolored roots or even death.


Cannabis plants are sensitive to the amount and quality of light they receive. As a result, cultivators must adjust color, intensity and frequency of their grow lights according to each stage of the plant’s growth cycle.

In the vegetative phase, seedlings need blue spectrum light to promote healthy leaf development. This is because blue light reflects off the ground and makes its way to the plant, just like sunlight does in nature.

The plants also need red spectrum light to produce photosynthesis. Almost every type of grow light contains some red light.

Aside from red light, there’s also far-red light that plants react to. If they’re getting too much far-red light, their stems will tend to be long and stretchy rather than short and squat.


Temperature is an important factor in cannabis seed growth. It affects photosynthesis, respiration and the overall health of the plant.

Temperature can also play a role in how quickly the seeds germinate. The optimum temperature for germination is between 70degF-90degF (21degC-32degC).

For best results, germinate cannabis seeds indoors or outdoors under controlled conditions that ensure adequate warmth and moisture. Using heating mats or plug-ins is a great way to keep your cannabis seed temperatures at the perfect level for germination.

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