Best Regular Seeds

Why Regular Seed is the Way to Go

regular seed

Whether you’re looking to breed your own strains or want genetically sturdy clones, regular seed is the way to go. Unlike feminized seeds, which are modified to germinate only female plants, regular cannabis seeds produce males and females equally.

They are also a great option for those growing indoors, where space is limited and cultivators don’t mind weeding out the males. However, they are a bit more expensive than feminized seeds.

They are cheaper

Regular seeds are cheaper than feminized or autoflowering seed varieties. For example, some growers do not want to deal with the hassle of separating male plants from their crops.

Some growers also prefer to have a wider range of strains available in their crop. This is particularly true for the experimentally-inclined, who can use male plants to cook up their own unique crossbreeds.

Another advantage of regular cannabis seeds is that they’re incredibly resilient. In fact, they’re more likely to withstand stress than their feminized counterparts.

These traits make regular cannabis seeds a great choice for beginner growers who are looking to hone their skills and learn about the growing process. They’re also a great option for experienced growers who are looking to maximize their yields and avoid wasting time and energy on sexing. In addition, if you’re planning to breed your own strains, it’s worth considering regular seeds. Those who choose to do so should make sure to buy seeds from a reputable breeder.

They are easier to sex

Despite what some people say, it is not possible to tell the sex of a cannabis seed just by looking at it. In fact, most breeders believe that a plant has to be grown out from seed for it to be sexable.

The best way to determine the sex of a regular seed is by using the right method. This is done by using a magnifying glass or a small black bag.

It is important to note that it can take some practice to determine the sex of a seed and to learn how to distinguish the differences in male versus female plants.

Nevertheless, regular seeds have many advantages over their feminized counterparts. They are cheaper, more vigorous, and easier to breed from. In addition, they are also much more stable in terms of their genetic lineage.

They are more vigorous

Regular seeds are more vigorous than feminized seeds because they naturally contain a ratio of male and female seeds. These seeds perform exactly how nature aims to – both males and females will sprout and produce cannabis.

These are also more resilient to a wide range of environmental conditions and tend to have greater stress resistance than plants grown from hybrid seeds. This is why many growers use regular seed for breeding purposes.

Another reason that regular seeds are more vigorous is due to their genetic purity. Varietal mixtures can cause uneven maturity, lower yield potential, and increased susceptibility to disease and insect pests.

They are easier to breed

If you’re looking for an easy way to breed your own strains, regular seed is the way to go. Whether you’re looking to cross two strains to create an ideal bud-producing hybrid or want to play around with terpene profiles, a regular seed pack is your ticket to experimentation.

You’ll also have a better chance of producing superior clones if you grow regular seeds. The plants you produce will be free of genetic tampering, which makes them far more likely to reproduce robust descendants that are capable of rooting and growing quickly.

Feminized seed, on the other hand, have been genetically tampered with, making them unstable and unsuitable for breeding. They’ll only produce male plants roughly a third of the time, and they won’t look much like their parents. They’ll also be much more expensive than their regular counterparts. If you’re looking to produce robust, smokable buds, regular seeds are your best bet. They’ll also give you more bang for your buck per harvest.

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