Best Regular Seeds

What Is Regular Seed?

Regular seed is the term used to describe non-feminised cannabis seeds. These are often preferred by growers who want to start breeding their own strains as the male plants produce pollen that is required for this process.

Feminized seed is also the choice of growers who want to hone their growing skills. By removing the need to breed male plants, feminized seeds make it easier for beginner growers.


Regular seed, or pure seed, is cannabis seeds that have not been genetically modified. They are a favorite of old-school growers, offering a natural and untampered growing experience; consisting of pure seedlings that offer unadulterated, pure genetics formed through breeding both male & female parents.

Feminized seed, on the other hand, is a type of cannabis seed that has been bred to produce only female plants. This is the ideal seed for beginner and experienced growers, as it makes for a more straightforward and easier grow.

Regardless of whether you’re trying to breed your own strains or just experiment, it’s important to choose the right strains for your project. This is the best way to learn about your own genetics and discover what traits will make for successful clones.

When it comes to breeding, you’ll want to choose both parent plants with high vigor and resilience. This will help to ensure your resulting hybrids are strong enough to tolerate stressful conditions and resist hermaphroditic tendencies, as well as produce robust, high-quality buds that you can enjoy.


Cloning is the process of creating a genetic copy of an organism. This method of reproduction can be used to create a variety of plants, animals and other physical objects.

One of the main applications for cloning is to make genetic copies of endangered species. In 1997, researchers made international headlines when they cloned a sheep named Dolly.

Another application of cloning is to grow new plant stock. This can be useful for commercial growers who want to have a specific strain ready for their clients.

Cloning can be a great way to increase yields and produce a consistent product for your clientele. However, it can also have its drawbacks. First, clones lack the ability to adapt to change in their environment like seeds can. They may also lack a sense of discovery and achievement that seeds can provide.


Organic regular seed is grown by farmers using methods that are regenerative and ecologically sustainable. These practices include no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, and the plants are allowed to self-clean themselves of any unwanted organisms as they grow.

Plants that are cultivated with organic seed tend to be more naturally resistant to disease and weeds than those grown using conventional seeds. This is because they have been bred for their ability to survive natural pests and predators, reducing the need for reliance on chemical intervention.

In contrast, conventionally bred seeds have been adapted to high input, monocultural and low diversity farming systems that utilize chemical and synthetic amendments. This has resulted in a global imbalance between conventional seed research funding and that of organic seed research.

Consequently, organic seed producers must meet rigorous standards of processing, cultivation and harvesting before the USDA will accept their product for use in organic production. If they do not, the product can be labeled non-organic and certified according to a different process, called National List based certification.


The price of regular seed depends on a number of factors, including the quality of the genetics and the amount of time and effort it takes to produce it. Additionally, economic principles like supply and demand and market trends influence seed pricing.

The most expensive seeds feature the best genetics and have undergone a more intensive development and research process. This can be compared to a high-end car with top-of-the-line features, which costs more than a basic car with no frills.

The cost of regular seed depends on several factors, including the type of seed you want to purchase and your location. However, there are many seed banks offering competitive prices on their cannabis seeds. Check their websites for occasional special offers and discounts, or subscribe to their newsletters.

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