Best Regular Seeds

Regular Seed – What Is It?

Regular seeds are cannabis seeds that have not been genetically engineered. They are a natural and pure form of cannabis seed that can be used to produce new strains or hybridize existing cultivars.

While feminized seeds are the most popular type of cannabis seed, regular seeds still remain a popular choice for many growers. They can yield new phenotypes and cultivars that are not available in feminized seeds.

They are cheaper than feminized seeds

If you’re looking for seeds that are cheaper than feminized seed, regular seed is the way to go. However, you should also be aware that they have a 50% chance of producing male plants and a third of them will produce female plants.

Feminized seeds are a good choice for growers who want to achieve higher yields and a more consistent crop. They’re also ideal for commercial growers who need to stick to a certain number of plants.

Autoflowering cannabis strains are an excellent choice for small indoor spaces, as they are easy to grow and require little to no lighting schedule adjustments. They are also highly resistant to pests and fungi, making them an ideal choice for growers with limited space.

The type of seed you choose depends on your personal preferences and cultivation experience. In most cases, it comes down to what you want from your harvest and your time or space constraints.

They are easier to grow

Regular seeds are a great option for novice growers. They’re much easier to clone than feminized seed, and are also more stable genetically.

Feminized seed is ideal for commercial growers who want a crop that is predominately female. With a predominantly female crop, there’s no risk of male plants appearing and ruining your harvest.

However, they can also be a disadvantage for beginners who don’t have the skill to handle sexing. Moreover, it’s a good idea to plant a few regular seeds with your feminized ones to account for the possibility of male plants popping up.

It’s also possible to cross regular seeds with autoflowering seeds to create hybrids with better flowering times or a more balanced terpene profile. It’s a good way to keep your cannabis gene pool diverse, as well as develop new strain phenotypes. You can do this by using a regular male and a regular female to produce a strain that flowers faster, or by breeding two strains with different terpene profiles.

They are more resistant to pests and diseases

Regular seeds are generally more resistant to pests and diseases than feminized ones. This is due to their genetic stability.

Moreover, they also tend to be more vigorous, so they will better handle stress and provide a greater chance of survival in the long run. This is a great advantage in vegetable production, especially in the field or in greenhouses.

A major goal when breeding new varieties is disease resistance. It plays an important role in vegetable crop production and integrated pest management practices.

In addition, a number of studies have shown that some plant cultivars are resistant to several types of insect pests. This is because they have glandular trichomes that help to suppress pests.

Insect-resistant cultivars are an IPM direct control tactic that is compatible with insecticide use and biological control tactics, although they can also be used alone. They synergize the effects of other direct control tactics to reduce insect pest abundance and damage below that which would have occurred if the other methods were not used.

They are more genetically stable

Regular seed is a genetically stable type of cannabis strain that produces resilient plants that produce the desired characteristics. It allows breeders to brew strains with desired phenotypes and traits that growers love.

Unlike feminized seeds, regular seed does not require genetic tampering to make it sexually stable. In fact, they are generally more sexually stable than feminized seeds.

Feminized seed is often given a bad rap because of the technique used by some breeders to make them sexually stable. This method is known as Rodelization and it involves using pollen from hermaphrodites to produce feminized seeds.

However, most professional cannabis breeders do not use this method anymore and instead rely on colloidal silver (CS) or silver thiosulfate (STS). As a result, regular seeds are much more sexually stable than feminized ones. They also have a better chance of producing robust descendants, and they can be easily cloned without the same problem as feminized varieties.

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