Best Regular Seeds

Why Grow Regular Seed?

regular seed

While feminized seeds promise to eliminate the male plants that can waste your cultivation space, growers still need regular seed for breeding and experimentation. The regular seeds can produce both male and female specimens, and they can be used to create new strains.

Besides making cloning easier, there are several other advantages to regular seed. Read on to learn more.

They are cheaper

Growing from regular seeds is the best way to explore a cultivar’s full lineage. Because they produce both male and female plants, a grower can select the finest specimens to bring back as clones for future use. The sex of a plant can be determined by looking for pollen sacs that explode when the plant is induced to flower.

A new breeder that’s taking the industry by storm is Pure Regular Seeds. They offer a wide selection of classics that date back to the 1980s and earlier. Their collection includes the Amnesia Lemon regular, a sativa cultivar with citrusy flavors that stimulate the mind and relax the body.

They also have a variety of regular landrace strains that have remained unaltered for centuries. These strains are perfect for organic cultivation and can resist stress, pests and extreme temperatures. They also feature free shipping and discreet shipping on all orders. The website’s easy-to-use search tool makes finding the right seeds simple and quick.

They are more stable

Regular seeds are the only option for cultivators who want to breed their own strains. They germinate into either male or female plants and will need to be sexed by hand early in the flowering cycle. This is a time consuming and expensive process that results in 40% of the planted seeds being discarded. This also wastes water, nutrients and growing space.

However, there are many reasons why growers choose to go with regular seed. One of the most important is that they are more stable than feminized seed. Feminized seeds are not as stable as their regular counterparts, and can often cause problems with phenotype consistency.

Another reason for choosing regular seeds is that they allow you to preserve and maintain traditional landrace genetics. This is an important aspect for people who want to preserve the purity of the cannabis plant. They are also much more reliable than feminized seed, as they are not subject to the same type of human manipulations that feminized seeds are.

They are easier to breed

Aside from being more stable than feminized seeds, regular seed is also easier to breed. The reason is that a grower can eliminate male plants before they pollinate, allowing them to focus on the females. This reduces the amount of time and effort they have to spend on the process, saving them both water and nutrients.

However, it is important to know the difference between male and female plants early on so that you can quickly identify them. This will make it easier for you to breed a successful crop and create new strains with the desired phenotypes.

If you’re a fan of old school genetics that were left behind in the weed rush, Dutch Passion’s collection of regular cannabis seeds could be for you. With classics such as White Widow, Orange Bud and Blueberry, there are plenty of legendary strains to choose from. These sativa and indica cultivars typically grow tall, making them best for veteran cultivators. The flowering cycle lasts from 8-10 weeks, meaning you can harvest up to 35 oz of bud.

They are more versatile

Regular seed is a great option for experienced growers, as it produces both male and female plants. This allows them to pursue breeding projects at home and create mother plants that will flourish in the garden. They also tend to be heartier than feminized varieties, so they are suitable for cultivating from cuttings.

Feminized seeds are perfect for commercial growers who want a specific ratio of female to male plants, but for those who enjoy every aspect of marijuana cultivation, regular seeds offer the best experience. During the flowering process, the male plants produce pollen sacs that can fertilize the colas of female plants. This can cause them to produce seeds instead of buds, and it isn’t ideal for a quality-focused harvest.

Amnesia Lemon regular is a sativa cultivar that tastes like citrus and feels refreshing. The high from this strain encourages creativity and a sense of well-being. Bruce Banner regular is a strong indica with a classic terpene profile and deep-body effects.

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