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What is a Cannabis Seed?

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Finding a seed in your bag of weed is not ideal. But it doesn’t necessarily mean your cannabis is bad. Seeds in bud are the result of pollination, which happens when pollen from male flowers gets on female buds as they form.

This is common in hermaphrodite plants or those stressed by environmental factors.


Like all angiosperms, cannabis seeds contain genetic information that determines the unique physical characteristics of a mature plant. These physical characteristics include potency, aroma, flavor and vigor. Breeders select and cultivate the best seeds to produce the best plants.

Seeds are small and oval-shaped, with a subtle membrane that protects the embryo inside. In the center of the seed is a radicle, hypocotyl and two small embryonic leaves called cotyledons.

To encourage germination, place your seeds in a napkin, jiffy or plug and put it in water. Keep the napkin moist but not soaked, and keep it in a dark, warm place. Check the napkin frequently for signs of germination. Then transfer it to your growing medium. This video shows 9 white and dark Think Different seeds in a time lapse.


Cannabis seeds are tiny, ovular in shape with a ridge that opens during germination. They are brown in color and have a small, white taproot. The taproot is fragile, and touching or breaking it stunts growth and slows germination.

Seeds germinate best in warm temperatures. They also sprout more quickly if they are kept moist. Using a humidifier to maintain a perfect environment for germination is a great option.

Home growers can minimize headaches and expense by starting with a feminized seed starter kit. These kits contain a specialized growing medium that helps seeds to sprout and grow, and they’re easy to use for transplanting into soil or hydroponic systems. These seed kits are available at brick-and-mortar stores and online. Alternatively, some growers prefer to clone plants instead of buying seeds to start their grows.


The soil that cannabis seeds grow in plays a huge role in how well your plants flourish. A good mix will provide your plants with all the nutrients they need from seed to harvest without needing to add extra fertilizers or growth boosters.

The ideal soil for cannabis grows is loamy, which is a mixture of sand, silt, and clay. This kind of soil holds water, but also drains quickly and is rich in nutrient.

For example, Fox Farm’s Ocean Forest soil is a “hot” soil mix that has all the organic matter and nutrient sources cannabis plants love, including earthworm castings, bat guano, fish meal, and crab meal. This mix is perfect for starting seeds or transplanting seedlings, though young seedlings may show signs of nutrient burn at first until they adjust.


The seed needs water to trigger germination, but too much can rot it or cause it not to sprout. Warmth is also essential for germination; if the soil becomes too cold or dry, it may not break down and absorb moisture.

Cultivators often soak seeds in a solution of 1% hydrogen peroxide or compost tea to increase their chances of success, while careful handling and warm spring temperatures help to ensure that a seedling doesn’t get damaged during transplanting.

If a seed successfully germinates, it will begin growing and develop into a young cannabis plant. This is the stage that can determine the outcome of your harvest. Fortunately, this process is easy to master when you follow these simple steps. Whether you’re growing indoors or outdoors, this guide will give your premium genetic cannabis seeds the best possible start.


When a seed germinates, it is ready to begin its journey into becoming a mature marijuana plant. The seed contains the embryo, which houses all of the cells that will eventually differentiate into leaves, roots, and stems.

The embryo is protected by an outer covering called the pericarp. This protects the cotyledons, which appear as the first leaves on the young plant, and the radicle, which develops into the primary root.

Once a grower has a collection of fertile seeds, they can be planted and cultivated. However, growing marijuana from seeds can take longer than using clones, which are harvested from mature plants. Cannabis clones also produce higher yields than a seed-based crop. They are also more consistent than a harvest from a batch of seeds.

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