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Regular Seeds

regular seeds

Regular seeds are not feminized and operate as nature intended. They have an equal chance of becoming male or female plants. This can be beneficial for breeders and provides superior clones.

However, it can also be a nuisance for growers. Having too many male plants can ruin your harvest.

They are feminized

Whether you want to produce a new cultivar, or simply duplicate a specific specimen, regular seeds are essential. They allow you to work with the genetics of your favourite plants and create offspring that display the best traits, such as morphology, colour, flavour profile, and potency. Regular seeds also allow you to explore a strain’s full potential through cloning.

Feminized seeds, on the other hand, are bred to only produce female plants. This can be a big advantage for growers as it eliminates the need to sex their plants. This saves time, and reduces the amount of water, nutrients, and growing medium that is wasted.

It also makes it easier to manage a large crop, as you won’t have to worry about male plants interfering with the females. In addition, you can harvest your buds at a flexible schedule and improve the overall quality of your crops. This is especially important for growers looking to produce high-quality, consistent yields.

They are not feminized

Regular seeds do not produce hermaphrodite plants. This is a good thing for growers who like to make their own seed stock, since hermaphrodite plants tend to go ‘herma’ when stressed by techniques such as topping, fimming, lollypopping and defoliation. This can cause a huge headache and may even ruin an entire crop of weed!

However, it does mean that more of a grower’s growing space can be used without having to cull male plants. This can save on growing substrate, fertilisers and light.

Many experienced growers also prefer regular seeds because they can be used to create hybrids and new strains. Hybrids are created by crossing two different cannabis strains and retaining the potency and yield of the originals. This can help increase yields and boost the quality of the resulting buds. However, feminized seeds are becoming more popular as they provide an easier, more reliable way to produce high-quality weed. They also require less care and attention.

They are not organic

When buying seeds, it’s important to consider whether or not they are organic. Non-organic seeds have been treated with chemical fertilizers and pesticides. While this may make them grow faster and bigger, these chemicals can have negative long-term effects on the soil. Organic seeds, on the other hand, are grown using sustainable practices from start to finish.

Organically grown plants are healthier and more resilient. This makes them better able to resist natural enemies and harsh weather conditions. This inherent strength makes them a good choice for gardeners who want to avoid synthetic pesticides.

Some seed, like peas and beans, have a tendency to rot in wet ground. In these cases, the seed is treated with fungicides to prevent this. The labeling law in most countries requires that companies identify treated seed right on the packet. If you don’t want to use treated seed, check the packaging of Burpee or Stokes to see if they sell untreated seeds.

They are a good choice for beginners

If you’re a beginner, regular seeds are a good choice. They are easy to grow and can withstand mistakes that beginners often make. They are also hardy and resistant to environmental factors. They may even be able to tolerate extreme conditions.

Another benefit of regular seeds is that they are able to breed. This is important for many growers because it allows them to produce their own cultivars. This is especially important for those who prefer a specific type of cannabis.

Although breeding is a complicated process, it doesn’t require an expert to do. In fact, hobbyist growers with a little experience can do it too. Feminized marijuana seeds, on the other hand, are ideal for novices and growers with a moderate level of cultivation skill. Feminized plants can be bred without the need for male plants, which saves time and effort. For example, Gorilla Glue #4 (GG4) is a sativa strain with high THC levels that provide anxiety relief.

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