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Regular Seed – The Advantages and Disadvantages

regular seed

Unlike feminized seeds, regular seed can produce both male and female plants. This is a disadvantage for growers and breeders because they have to remove the male plants, which reduces the yield of their crop.

Feminized seeds, on the other hand, only contain hermaphrodite DNA. This means that they will only produce hermaphrodite plants if they are subjected to stressors, such as topping, fimming or lollypopping.


Regular cannabis seeds offer the opportunity for home growers to work with strains and create cultivars that perfectly suit their needs. Cultivators can experiment with blending opposing traits such as flowering time, internodal spacing, aroma, and leaf pattern.

Breeding with regular seeds has long been a popular pastime among seasoned home growers. Working through a large pheno hunt and narrowing down the best plants to keep can be highly rewarding.

One advantage of using regular seeds is that they will produce both male and female plants. This means that some of the plants will need to be culled, which is generally a simple and stress-free process.

The remaining plants can then be used to create clones, which are identical copies of the original mother plant down to the last chromosome. This is a popular technique with many home growers, as it allows them to recreate the exact flavor and effects that they enjoy from their favorite strains.


Many growers prefer to work with clones rather than seeds because they are an exact copy of their mother plant and require less attention. However, clones are not foolproof; they can suffer from the same diseases and weaknesses as their mothers. Clones also need a lot of energy to develop root systems, which can deplete their existing leaves and reduce yields.

Clones are also much faster to grow than seedlings, especially if the mother was vegged for six weeks before cuttings were taken. They are ready to go into flowering straight away, which can cut the time to harvest by weeks.

While cloning has obvious advantages for commercial growers, it is not suitable for casual cannabis users. In fact, cloning can make growing cannabis more difficult for casual growers by making it harder to control conditions. For example, clones need to be fed the same amount of nutrients and need to be kept in identical environments to avoid problems such as nutrient burn.


Regular seeds are perfect for growers who want to cultivate a crop of strong and sturdy cannabis plants that will give them great yields. They also provide a valuable source of genetics, as each plant has a 50/50 chance of being male or female. They can be used for breeding purposes too, which is something that many growers and breeders love to do.

If you’re growing regular seeds, you’ll need to remove any male plants early on in the process to ensure that your females get all of the water and nutrients they need to thrive. This can be quite a time-consuming process, but it’s essential if you want to produce a large crop of high-quality buds.

Alternatively, you could use feminized seeds to make the process much easier. Feminized seeds are far more reliable and offer a greater return on your investment per harvest. However, they are more expensive to purchase. It’s a trade-off that many growers are willing to make.


Since regular seeds are not genetically modified, they have a high germination rate. This makes them a great choice for beginner growers. However, they may require more attention and care than feminized seeds. They also need a longer flowering period than other strains.

The best way to choose a regular seed is to buy one from a reputable breeder. Look for a strain with a good aroma, strong potency, and rich terpene profile. You should also check the seller’s reputation and customer feedback.

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