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What is Seed?


Seed is the characteristic reproductive body of both angiosperms (flowering plants) and gymnosperms (conifers, cycads, and ginkgoes). A fully developed seed contains a miniature plant embryo with stored food reserves, all enclosed in a protective coat.

Each seed type has specific germination requirements. Seeds are a major source of food for animals and humans. They are also used in plant breeding and landscaping.

They are the reproductive organs of plants

Seeds are fertilized mature ovules that contain an embryo or miniature undeveloped plant and food reserves, all enclosed in a protective shell. They are a characteristic feature of angiosperms, flowering plants. They differ from gymnosperms, such as conifers and cycads, which have no seeds or are naked-seeded. Seeds may be characterized by their morphological and chromatic variety. They often exhibit minute surface characters that, when viewed under a microscope, reveal surprising textures.

Seeds make negligible demands on their environment and are eminently adaptable. They are able to wait long periods of time for conditions to become favorable for growth, a phenomenon known as dormancy. They also have many mechanisms to disperse themselves, including fleshy appendages that attract animal dispersers and wings for wind dispersal.

They are an important source of food

Seeds are a rich source of food for people and animals. They are highly concentrated sources of starches, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. They also provide oils for cooking, margarine, painting and lubrication from such seeds as linseed, flax, rapeseed, soybeans and sunflower.

They are nutritious powerhouses, chock-full of heart-, bone-, muscle-, and brain-supporting nutrients, many of which we aren’t getting enough of. They are also a source of fibre, which is important to reduce the risk of heart disease, bowel cancer and Type-2 diabetes.

They are an important part of plant breeding

Seeds are the products of plant reproduction. They contain the DNA of a pollen grain (male parent) and an ovule (female parent). Seeds also have stored food to sustain them until they are able to produce their own roots and leaves. The food is in the form of a nutrient tissue called endosperm and may be inside or outside the seed. Seeds are protected by a seed coat and remain viable for long periods of time.

In plant breeding, seeds are used to create new varieties of plants with desirable traits. The seeds are produced from basic seed, which has been screened to meet specific standards for purity and germination. Then, the seed is mixed with pre-basic seed and planted. The resulting seeds are then sold to farmers for planting.

They are a valuable resource for farmers and gardeners

Seed saving is an increasingly popular practice for farmers and gardeners. Many growers want to avoid the expense of purchasing seeds from a commercial company, and they prefer to have more control over their crops. Seed saving is an essential part of the sustainable agriculture movement, and it is easy to get started.

Seeds contain living embryonic tissue and a store of food reserves wrapped in a protective seed coat. They need the correct environmental conditions to “wake up” and germinate. In natural populations, the germination process is often staggered to protect the seeds from extreme weather or herbivores.

In addition to the correct moisture, seeds need oxygen to initiate internal processes that lead to germination. They also produce carbon dioxide, which needs to be able to dissipate. This can be a problem in seedbeds that are overwatered or compacted, as the CO2 will prevent seed-to-soil contact and they may suffocate.

They are a source of investment

Seed money is the initial funding for a new business. It is primarily equity-based and investors usually take a small percentage of the company in return for their investment. This early monetary support is vital for startup businesses, and not having enough capital reserves is one of the most common reasons startups fail.

Tech giants like Apple, Google and Intel regularly back startups with seed money. These companies view startups as a future source of profit, intellectual property or talent and that’s the primary motivation for their investments.

Bootstrapping is another popular way to raise seed funding. This involves entrepreneurs investing their own personal wealth into the startup to avoid taking on debt or giving away equity. However, this approach can be costly and requires careful planning.

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