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Regular Seed Vs Feminized Seed

regular seed

Some growers choose regular seed because it is cheaper and they don’t mind weeding out male plants. Male plants pollinate female plants and lower yield levels, so identifying and removing them takes time and effort.

Regular seeds also allow for breeding, allowing growers to create strains with specific flavour profiles, colouring and morphology.


Regular seeds are cheaper than feminized seed and can provide the grower with a higher return on investment. Feminized seeds are more expensive because they require additional breeding processes to ensure that all the plants produced will be female, so the cost is passed onto the consumer.

When growing a strain from regular seeds, you will almost always get a proportionate number of male and female plants in your crop. This is a good thing, because it means that you can cull the males and harvest your crop more quickly.

Our collection of regular marijuana seeds includes a wide range of classic strains and contemporary favourites. We source our seeds from a carefully selected group of breeders that are committed to genetic conservation. So, you can expect to find specimens that produce high quality buds with a rich terpene profile and excellent yields. Our regular seeds are available for sale at great prices with top germination rates guaranteed by the breeders.


When growers choose seeds to germinate, they have the option of choosing either feminized or regular marijuana seeds. While feminized seeds are becoming increasingly popular, regular marijuana seeds have their own set of benefits for growers.

When grown properly, a grower can get high quality clones from a regular seed strain. This process involves selecting a female plant that possesses the characteristics they are looking for and cross-pollinating it with a male plant. This produces hermaphrodite plants that will be able to produce male flowers.

Feminized seeds eliminate this need for male plants, as the feminized seed will automatically produce female cannabis plants. This makes feminized seeds easier to cultivate as you don’t have to worry about identifying and removing male plants throughout the growth cycle. This results in a higher yield and can make feminized seeds the better choice for novice growers. SSSC has a wide selection of feminized and regular marijuana seeds that you can buy online.

Ease of Breeding

Unlike feminized seeds, regular seeds produce both male and female plants. They are popular with breeders because they make it easy to create new strains by using the pollen from male plants to fertilize female flowers.

Generally, growers prefer to cultivate regular seed because it gives them higher yields than feminized seeds. With feminized seeds, there is a chance that some male plants will appear, which can reduce the potency and yield of the harvest.

With regular seeds, there is a higher percentage of female plants, which makes it easier for the grower to focus on producing high-quality buds and flowers. Additionally, feminized seeds are not as stable as regular seeds, because they are created through a breeding process that involves stressing the plant. This can lead to genetic instability, which is not as common with regular seeds. Moreover, some feminized seeds require a certain amount of light hours to shift from vegetative to flowering growth.

Genetic Stability

Genetic stability is one of the key factors when developing a new genetic line. It refers to the level of consistency in a rose genotype over several generations. This can be improved by cross-pollinating the plant and backcrossing its offspring with a parent that has the desired traits.

For genetically modified plants, showing genetic and phenotypic stability is an essential part of their approval process. This is done using a variety of analytical approaches, including Southern blot analysis, DNA sequencing and molecular characterization.

A good way to improve genetic stability is through somatic embryogenesis. SEs are ideal explants for plant reproduction and germplasm preservation. However, malformed SEs are a common constraint in somatic embryogenesis, which can lead to poor germination and shoot performance. Moreover, it is difficult to induce somatic embryos from intact seeds, especially in woody plants. Therefore, a more suitable approach is to use immature seed as the starting material for somatic embryogenesis.

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