Best Regular Seeds

Regular Seed Vs Feminized Seed

regular seed

Regular seed is a great choice for growers who want to experiment with crossing and breeding new strains. It’s also possible to get a higher yield for the first harvest with regular seeds than with feminized ones.

However, if you’re looking for ease of cultivation, feminized seeds may be better for you. They eliminate the need to cull male plants and are less prone to stress during cultivation.


Regular seeds are the most natural type of marijuana seed available. They are used by growers who prefer to keep the genetics of a strain as pure as possible. They can also be used to make crosses with other strains and yield great results. Regular seeds are less expensive than feminized varieties.

Feminized seeds are made by stressing a female plant to encourage it to produce male flowers. These flowers are then fertilized by the sperm of another male plant, producing seeds that lack the XY chromosomes needed for female plants. Feminized seeds are popular because they offer a greater guarantee of female plants than regular seeds.

A predominately female crop means fewer pests and a flexible harvest schedule. However, feminized seeds are not without their drawbacks. Some growers find them difficult to manage because the emergence of male plants can cause a loss of quality and yield. Additionally, they can have a slower flowering time than regular seeds.


Cloning is a process that creates an exact genetic copy of another cell, tissue or organism. It is widely used in plant breeding and medical research. Clones are often grown as replacements for damaged or diseased cells in the human body. Cloning can also be used to create new embryonic stem cells that can grow into healthy tissue.

Seeds are more difficult to work with than clones, but they offer a greater level of control over the final outcome of your grow. They also require a higher level of care to produce consistent results and high yields.

Clones are cuttings taken from an active vegetative mother plant, then rooted in soil or hydroponic medium. They are most often taken from photoperiod strains that are designed to flower at specific times, and it is challenging to keep them in a perpetual vegetative state. In addition to this, clones often inherit any flaws or genetic issues that their mother plants might have, which can be problematic.


Before feminized seeds entered the market in 1998, regular seed was the only option for growers. With a 50% chance of producing either male or female cannabis plants, regular seeds are perfect for cultivators who want to experiment with selective breeding and backcrossing.

Organic is a set of farming standards and practices that limit the use of chemicals to protect crops, animals and soil. Organic producers must meet national organic standards, maintain careful records, and be certified* by a USDA-accredited organic certifying agency.

In short, organic is how nature intended – not what the chemical companies would have you believe. Organic farming boosts yields by decreasing the need for water, reducing pollution and building soil fertility. It also supports biodiversity and helps maintain ecosystem services like pollination. So, if you’re looking for the most authentic and natural experience when growing marijuana, then choose organic. You won’t be disappointed. It’s the best choice for any marijuana enthusiast!


The main reason many growers choose regular over feminized seeds is that male plants have their own special benefits. For one, they can be useful for propagating cuttings or producing pollen to create new seed strains. Also, they make it possible to crossbreed and experiment with new phenotypes.

Regular seeds are photoperiod, and they develop into either male or female cannabis plants depending on their environment. This means that they need more time to veg and flower before they can be harvest-ready, but they also have the benefit of being less susceptible to stress from pests and extreme temperatures.

For these reasons, it’s recommended that growers buy a few more seeds than they need, so they can account for the male plants that will need to be cullled. Theoretically, a pack of regular seeds should produce a ratio of around 50% female to male plants, but this may vary depending on the conditions. For example, if you use stress-reducing pruning techniques like topping, fimming, or lollypopping, the hermaphrodite plants will likely take over.

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