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The Benefits of Cannabis Seed Types

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Seeds play a critical role in the health and yield of a marijuana plant. High-quality seeds produce strong plants with exceptional terpene and cannabinoid profiles.

Choose seeds from professional seed banks that are known for their quality genetics. These seeds will have a high germination rate and offer the best potential for healthy growth.


Feminized marijuana seeds are bred to produce only female plants. These seeds are not as common as regular cannabis seeds, but they offer a few benefits that make them worth seeking out. Female cannabis plants are responsible for producing buds that contain high levels of THC and fragrant terpenes. Male flowers, on the other hand, only produce seeds, which are not smoked.

A predominately female crop is easier to manage than a mixed crop. It eliminates the need to prune and watch for male plants, which can pollinate female cannabis plants. Additionally, feminized crops are more consistent, with better quality and higher yields.

Before purchasing feminized seeds, growers should research the strain’s genetics and history. Many feminized strains are hybrids of successful other strains, which will bring qualities from both parents to the new plant. The best online seed banks also provide growing information, so consumers can choose a strain that will thrive in their specific environment and overall goals.


Autoflowering strains are easy to grow and produce good yields, but they do require careful attention and more nutrients than photoperiod strains. They also don’t respond as well to over fertilization, so it’s important to know how much nutrient they need and when to apply it.

Because they are derived from the cannabis subspecies ruderalis, autoflowers have a shorter growing season than their photoperiod sativa and indica counterparts. This makes them ideal for covert growers who want to maintain discretion and commercial cultivators who need a fast harvest. Moreover, their strong genetics make them resistant to pest infestations and are better equipped to fight off yield-ruining mold. Furthermore, they can be planted in bulk, reducing packaging waste. This is especially beneficial for growers who live in an area with a strict environmental code of conduct, as it helps them adhere to local rules. They also help to save money in the long run, as buying in bulk means a lower price per unit of seeds.


Photoperiod cannabis cultivars shift into flowering mode as their day-to-night light cycle changes. Outdoors, this happens when summer turns to autumn and the days get shorter. Indoors, growers manipulate this natural response by lowering the lighting.

If a photoperiod strain doesn’t receive enough hours of undisturbed darkness, it may revert to vegetative growth or exhibit hermaphroditic traits and produce lower yields. To prevent this, choose a growing location that’s far from street lights and other light pollution.

Growers also love that photoperiod plants can be re-vegged for multiple rounds of harvest. This is a key benefit over autoflowering cultivars, which require a new batch of seeds to start producing. For this reason, they’re ideal for growers with a limited plant count and those who love to experiment with different cultivars. However, there are a number of reasons why many growers choose to go with feminized or autoflowering seeds instead. These include cultivation experience, space constraints and other factors.


F1 hybrids have the highest disease resistance out of all seed types. They also have a stronger genetic advantage over individual strains in terms of yield, secondary metabolite production, and flavor.

Regular seeds produce a crop of female plants that must be fertilized by a male plant in order to grow. Traditionally, the best females are selected from each harvest and become ‘mothers’ to produce hundreds of clones over the course of several years.

Despite their differences in size, healthy cannabis seeds display a consistent shape, with one end round and the other pointed like a teardrop. Seeds that stray from this shape may exhibit issues with germination or have a genetic flaw. Seeds that are too flat can even develop mold problems, while seeds that point too far can be susceptible to heat and moisture damage. This can result in germination problems, poor growth, or low yields. This is why it’s important to store your seeds in a cool, dark place when not using them.

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