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What is a Seed?


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Each retailer has a different return policy, but they generally accept unopened seed packages within 90 days of purchase with the receipt.

What is a seed?

Seeds are the embryons of new life, enclosed in a protective shell (testa). They contain a store of food for the embryo (endosperm) and often some cotyledons. Seeds of grasses, palms and most dicotyledons have endosperm; seeds of legumes, such as beans and peas, and non-endospermic dicotyledons do not.

Seed production varies widely from year to year, in response to weather variables, insects and diseases, internal cycles within the plant and other factors. Consequently, seed production is a variable, unpredictable and critical part of the natural ecosystem.

The shape, size and surface character of a seed are exquisitely beautiful. A seed’s smooth, unblemished, polished surface may be snow white or jet black and can display a variety of subtle colors. Details on surfaces that appear plain to the unaided eye may reveal themselves under a hand lens, showing up as ridges and lines or as fine patterns. Seeds also come in a wide range of shapes: lenticular, discoid, ellipsoid, globose or subglobose, sectoroid and oblong.

How do seeds grow?

A seed contains a tiny plant embryo, stored food and all of the information needed for the new seedling to grow into a full-size plant. During this process, called germination, the seed sprouts roots and forms a small plant from which it grows its own food through photosynthesis.

Usually, a seed requires a place to germinate — like an area with water and air — which is why most seeds are dispersed by animals eating the fruit of a tree, rubbing against rocks or being carried away by rain. The nutrient-rich food in a seed is called the endosperm. It contains storage proteins that help to keep the seed embryo alive while it waits for optimum conditions.

Some seeds have a hard, thick seed coat that blocks water and oxygen (physical dormancy). This dormancy can be broken by soaking or scarification – scratching the surface of the seed. Other seeds have a chemical dormancy inhibited by certain hormones, such as abscisic acid and gibberellin.

What are the different types of seeds?

Seeds are incredibly small and yet, they contain everything needed to grow into a whole new plant. Nature has given us seeds in a wide range of shapes and sizes and they are found inside many fruits. Seeds are the powerhouse of nutrition that can provide a plethora of benefits from weight loss to healthy skin and more.

A seed has a tough outer coat known as the testa and a thin membranous layer called tegmen. Its inner side is surrounded by the endosperm which has starch, carbohydrates and proteins stored in it. The endosperm provides the embryo with nutrients until germination takes place.

The seed of a dicot plant is either an albuminous or an exalbuminous seed. An example of an exalbuminous seed is that of a bean (Pisum sativum). It has a broad placental tissue on its dorsal suture and narrows into a disc-like area called the raphe which leaves a scar on the seedcoat on its inner surface called the hilum.

Where can I buy seeds?

There are many places to buy seeds, from big-box stores and garden centers to online seed retailers. Many of these sites offer a range of seed options, and some have specific specialty offerings such as wildflowers or perennials. Some also feature special grower’s supplies like nutrient kits and fertilizers.

Some seed companies also sell heirloom seeds. These are often found in local farm-supply stores, but can also be purchased online through websites such as Seed Savers Exchange. The not-for-profit organization is dedicated to saving and sharing heirloom varieties.

Another popular online seed store is ILGM, which offers a wide variety of strains and has excellent customer service. Its website is easy to navigate and features useful information for first-time growers, including a knowledge base, mix pack deals, and free nutrient and fertilizer kits. ILGM also offers a germination guarantee and free shipping on US orders. Its website is secure and allows customers to choose their preferred payment methods.

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