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What to Look For in Cannabis Seeds

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Cannabis seeds contain the amino acid arginine, which promotes healthy heart conditions by widening blood vessels for improved blood flow. They are also packed with omega-3 fatty acids and can reduce the risk of heart disease.

Seeds have a delicate membrane that protects the embryo inside. The embryo contains the seed’s genetic code alongside four other parts; the radicle, hypocotyl and cotyledons.

Health Benefits

Cannabis seeds are nutrient powerhouses. They are packed with protein, Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids and are rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin B and potassium, among others. The seeds have a nutty flavor and can be added to salads, smoothies or even eaten as a snack.

In terms of health benefits, cannabis seed is a great source of fibre, which improves digestion and promotes regularity. These seeds are also an excellent source of iron and zinc, which boost the immune system and support blood circulation.

They are also a good source of plant-based protein, which makes them perfect for bodybuilders and athletes. They contain linoleic acid and gamma-linolenic acid, which are healthy omega-3 fatty acids that help the muscles to grow. They can also alleviate symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), such as bloating, cramp pain and headaches. Regular consumption of cannabis seeds can also reduce the risk of depression and anxiety. The fatty acids can increase brain function and facilitate the transmission of nerve impulses, which makes them an important addition to any diet.

Easy to Grow

One of the most important things to consider when buying cannabis seeds is how easy they are to grow. This is especially true for beginners, who may want to opt for feminized seeds. Feminized strains have a higher germination rate and are more forgiving of beginner mistakes. They also do not flower according to light cycles like photoperiod varieties, so they won’t produce male plants that will pollinate your females and reduce your yield.

A good place to buy feminized marijuana seeds is Seedsman. They have an extensive catalogue of strains and offer free shipping on orders over $200. They also have a wide variety of payment methods and a delivery guarantee. You can also find useful germination instructions and other tips on their website. They also have a beginner-friendly page and an expert recommendation section to help you navigate the stoner world. They also offer a generous bonus of 1 extra seed for every order that you place with them.

Suitable for All Levels of Grower

Getting started growing cannabis seeds is easy. Just soak a couple of paper towels in water and place them in a plastic bag with the seed. Then, leave the bag in a warm place and check every 12 hours to make sure the seed has not dried out. If you see the seed has absorbed enough moisture, you can now remove the paper towel and put it in a dark place.

You’ll soon see two round seed leaves (cotyledons) emerge from the seed and start to grow. After about a week, the seed will sprout and become a seedling. Then, it’s time to transplant the seedling into a pot.

The germination process usually takes around a week to complete, but this depends on the climate and conditions. Generally, the seedling is more delicate than a full-grown plant and should be handled carefully to avoid damaging it. A lot of novice growers choose to buy feminized seeds, which eliminate the need to deal with male plants.


A good cannabis seed supplier is a vital partner for large-scale growers. Buying seeds that are both reliable and cost-effective is a sure way to boost yields, save time and cut costs. A reliable supplier shows a high level of transparency with cannabinoid and terpene analysis, ensuring that each batch of seeds is as close to the original strain as possible.

Regular cannabis seeds are produced when male plant pollen is blown (or carried by the careful hand of a breeder) until it reaches the receptive stigmas of female plants. The resulting fertilization produces hundreds, or even thousands, of regular seeds that are either male or female.

Sunwest Genetics has a unique phone ordering system, where you can choose and order a full range of seeds in one call. Their detailed germination guides are a great help for growing top-quality strains. They also offer free shipping on $200+ orders and 10 free cannabis seeds when you spend $420 or more.

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