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Why Regular Seed Is Better Than Feminized Seeds

regular seed

Before feminized seeds came into play, breeders created regular hybrids to try out new genetics and combinations. The process of creating a strain is exciting and rewarding.

However, many growers have forgotten about regular seed. Feminized seeds are easier to grow, but many experienced breeders prefer regular seed. This is because they produce a natural proportion of female and male plants.

They are cheaper

Regular seeds are cheaper than other types of seed, so first-time growers can afford to experiment with different strains and become better at cultivating. Herbies’ catalog features a wide variety of top-quality regular seeds, from breeders renowned for their quality and affordability.

Regular cannabis seeds preserve genetic stability and offer the potential for phenotype variation. They are ideal for breeding and provide an exciting challenge to the breeder. They also allow for the possibility of crossbreeding, which can yield new strains with unique flavors, aromas, and effects.

Another benefit of working with regular seeds is that they rarely produce hermaphrodite plants. This is a big advantage over feminized seeds, which are more likely to go hermaphrodite when stressed by techniques like topping, fimming, and lollypopping. This can save the grower a lot of time, energy, and money in the long run. Plus, the plants will be more productive because they won’t be wasting energy on producing male flowers.

They are more stable

A good reason to choose regular seeds is that they are more stable than other types of seed. This is because cannabis plants are dioecious, meaning that they have separate male and female reproductive organs. This means that the offspring of a regular seed can be either male or female, depending on the environment. Regular seeds are therefore more reliable, and are favoured by breeders who want to ensure that their offspring will produce the desired phenotypes.

In addition, cloning regular seeds produces stronger, healthier cuttings that are easy to root. This makes them ideal for preserving old-school genetics and producing new cultivars. They are also better suited for breeding, as they are less likely to become hermaphrodites. This is important because hermaphrodites can produce male flowers that reduce the potency of the plant. This is especially true when stressing the plants with techniques like topping, fimming and lollypopping. They are a better choice for growers who don’t want to spend time on sifting out the males during the early vegetative phase.

They are easier to breed

Regular cannabis seeds operate exactly how nature intended and are an excellent choice for breeders. They preserve genetic stability and allow for phenotype variation, which can result in unique traits such as resin production, uniform growth, flavor, aroma, and effect. These seeds can also be used to produce new cultivars or to create superior clones.

In addition, regular seeds have a higher chance of producing male plants, which can be beneficial to the grower. They can save money on sexing and reduce the amount of growing space and nutrients that are wasted by hermaphrodite plants.

However, it is important to be vigilant when working with regular seeds. Growers must regularly inspect their plants and discard any that develop hermaphrodites. This can be time consuming and may require more attention from the grower, but it is well worth the effort for breeders seeking to work with traditional genetics. It is also a good idea to start with at least 10 seeds in order to get a reasonable ratio of male to female plants.

They are a great way to go back in time

Regular seeds were the seeds used before the advent of feminized marijuana seeds. They produce 50% male and 50% female plants, but they rarely – if ever — become hermaphrodites. Because of this, they are much better suited for breeding and for producing hermaphrodite-free clones. Clones from a crop grown from regular seed will also have stable genetics and higher yields than feminized clones.

For growers who want to experiment with cultivars, working from regular seed opens the door to an exciting world of crossbreeding possibilities. This is because these seeds can be pollinated to produce a variety of phenotypes. These seeds are also the best choice for beginner growers who don’t want to deal with hermaphrodites in their growing process. Male plants can be removed from the growing process early on, which eliminates the risk of hermaphroditism during the growing period. This allows the grower to focus on maximizing flower production and quality. Jilly Bean regular is an example of such a strain, delivering a smooth blend of mangoes and tangerines that uplifts the mind without making you bouncy.

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