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Why Regular Seed Is Better Than Feminized Seed

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If you are looking to grow your own cannabis, it is important to choose the right seed. There are two main types of seeds – feminized and regular. Regular seeds can produce either male or female plants. You have to monitor them carefully and remove any males before they flower, or your crop will be ruined.

They are cheaper

A grower’s budget is an important consideration when selecting seed. Regular seeds are cheaper to produce than feminized, and they’re also more economical to buy. They can also save a grower money on electricity bills, since they don’t require as much lighting.

Like any plant, a batch of regular seeds will contain both male and female plants. This ratio isn’t predictable until flowering begins and the plants present their sex. Some cultivators prefer to cull males early in flowering to ensure a high percentage of smokable buds.

The selection of strains available through a cannabis seed bank varies widely, from hybrids to pure landraces. Some are perfect for beginners, while others are best for intermediate growers. Granddaddy Purple regular, for instance, yields luscious berries and delivers a relaxing, mood-enhancing high. Other strains, such as Moby Dick, have a citrusy flavor and offer intense pain relief and euphoria. These varieties are great for wake-and-bakers. Other popular regular strains include Grapefruit and Bruce Banner, which boast high THC levels.

They are more stable

Aside from preserving traditions, many growers choose regular seeds because they’re more stable than feminized varieties. This makes them a better choice for cultivators who want to produce high-yielding, seedless buds. Although growing a plant from a regular seed requires more effort than a feminized one, it’s worth it in the end.

Feminized plants are more unstable than their regular counterparts, and can go hermaphrodite in response to stress. This can happen due to techniques such as topping, fimming and lollypopping. As a result, feminized plants have a much lower chance of producing robust descendants.

In contrast, regular seeds will produce a 50/50 ratio of male and female plants. While this may seem like a disadvantage, it’s actually beneficial for most breeders and growers. The male plants can provide pollen that is used to fertilize female plants, and they can also contribute to the genetics of new strains. In addition, they can help to strengthen the roots of a plant.

They are easier to breed

Regular cannabis seeds produce both male and female plants, so they’re a good choice for growers who want to start breeding. Compared to feminized seeds, they’re more likely to produce a female plant – but that doesn’t mean that you won’t have to get rid of any males. Moreover, some breeders prefer regular seeds to feminized ones because they’re more genetically stable.

In addition, they’re also easier to manage. Since they produce a higher proportion of female plants, growers can easily manage their crop without having to worry about males ruining the harvest. This is especially helpful when growing a large crop. Additionally, regular seeds are a great option for breeders who want to create unique strains that are not available commercially. However, it’s important to remember that growing regular seed requires more effort and patience than feminized seed. However, it can be a rewarding experience for experienced growers. Lastly, regular seeds can also be used to take cuttings and cultivate clones.

They are easier to find

Unlike feminized or autoflowering seeds that produce only female plants, regular seed produces both male and female marijuana plants. Male plants produce pollen sacks that can fertilize the colas of female marijuana plants, creating hybrids with both smokable bud and seeds. This makes them popular among growers who want to create their own marijuana strains.

It’s important to choose a reliable breeder when buying regular seeds. Look for a company that offers a high germination rate and ensures that the seeds are fresh, healthy, and stored in a cool place. Also, consider purchasing from a seeds bank that provides a germination guarantee.

Despite the recent hype surrounding feminized and autoflowering seeds, many growers still prefer to work with regular seeds. This allows them to see more of a cultivar’s lineage and discover new phenotypes that aren’t possible with feminized or autoflowering seeds. This is especially true for those seeking to clone cannabis seeds, which are often produced from regular seed.

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