Best Regular Seeds

How to Care For Regular Cannabis Seeds

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The type of seeds you choose depends on your needs and growing conditions. But whether you opt for regular, feminised or autoflowering seeds, good seed care is key.

Regular seeds offer an equal chance of emerging as male or female plants. This makes them perfect for breeding. They also provide superior clones.


Regular seeds allow growers to create their own strains by crossing specimens with a specific phenotype in mind. This process can produce plants with unique terpene profiles, high potency, or even particular colours and morphologies. It is also possible to make clones from regular plants and replicate them, meaning that the exact genetic makeup of a particular specimen can be reproduced over and over again.

It is also important to note that breeders using regular seeds are helping to keep a diverse gene pool. This allows for the creation of new strain phenotypes that would not be available with feminized or autoflowering seed.

However, a shift towards systems-based breeding may be required to move away from the current focus on market and value chain driven productivity. This would mean addressing issues such as agrobiodiversity, food and seed sovereignty, and social justice alongside more mechanistic considerations of climate change (e.g. CO2 increase, resource distribution changes due to climate change, and nutrient deposition) in order to breed climate-robust cultivars.


Clones are a great way to guarantee consistent genetics from your favorite strains. They have the same game genetics as the mother plant from which they originated, so you can expect them to look and perform like that strain every time. Clones also grow much faster than seeds because they have a head start with root development.

Creating clones requires choosing the right section of the mother plant during its vegetative growth stage and cutting it with scissors or a razor. Then, you have to place the cutting in a growing medium and water it regularly until you see fresh roots emerge.

If you’re thinking about ordering clones online, it’s important to find a seed bank that provides germination reports and other crucial information. Trilogene Seeds has all of this documentation available for viewing on our website, so you can shop with confidence. Our cloning methods also help you get high-quality buds and flowers. We’ll make sure your plants are rooted in a healthy medium and are receiving adequate light so they’ll have the best chance of flourishing.

Old-School Varieties

In the old-school sense, regular seeds are a cannabis grower’s go-to option when breeding or creating new cultivars. As the name suggests, this type of seed expresses an equal number of male and female chromosomes when germinated. This allows growers to work through a large selection of plants and narrow down which are true to sex. This is especially beneficial when pheno hunting for an upcoming breeding project, as it cuts down on waste in terms of growing space and nutrients.

For example, a classic strain like White Widow is available as both feminized and regular seed. Both versions are fully proven and have won multiple Cannabis Cups over the years.

Another popular strain is Quick One, a 90% indica from UK-based Dank Genetics. This potent, high-yielding cultivar delivers muscle-melting effects and a pleasing terpene profile that is rich in citrus and sugary flavors. It finishes its life cycle in 9 weeks and is naturally resistant to mold, pests and diseases.

Unique Strains

If you’re looking for a particular strain, it might be best to get your seeds from a marijuana seed bank. These companies offer a wide selection of regular, feminized, and autoflowering marijuana seeds, as well as excellent customer service. ILGM is a top-rated seed bank that offers the popular Purple Haze strain, a hybrid of Purple Thai and Haze. This strain produces high-quality buds with a sweet, earthy flavor. It has a moderate flowering time and is suitable for most climates.

Mary Janes Garden offers a variety of marijuana seeds, including the Animal Cookies strain. This hybrid of Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG has a fruity aroma and powerful effects. It’s a great choice for people who want to relax and unwind.

Another great option is Sour Diesel, a sativa hybrid that combines the energizing effects of sativa with the relaxation of indica. It has a unique citrus terpene profile that is sure to please smokers.

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