Best Regular Seeds

How Regular Seeds Are Different From Feminized Seeds

Regular seeds produce both male and female plants, so it is important to identify them early and remove any that are males. This is a more difficult task than with feminized seeds and can result in a smaller harvest if not managed properly.

Choosing between feminized and regular seeds depends on your cultivation needs, experience level and purpose. We’ll explore the benefits of both so that you can make an informed decision.

Stable Genetics

When you cross two different varieties of the same plant, the seeds will produce plants that combine the best characteristics of their parents. These plants are known as hybrids and are often referred to as F1 hybrids. Hybrids were developed to meet specific garden challenges like surviving shipping and disease-resistance, but they can also offer consistency in size and shape and higher yields.

Breeders will stabilize a strain over several generations to ensure that the next batch of seeds will grow the same as the last. To do this, they must select healthy mother plants and mate them to create hybrid offspring. Then, they must repeat this process to produce a stable parent line. This takes time and patience, but it can save growers a lot of grief in the long run. Stabilized seeds will also produce a much larger harvest of female flowers when you take cuttings or clones from them. This is a big advantage over feminized seeds, which can have a low success rate when taken from bag seeds or “special cuts.” The health of the maintenanced mother plant can play a major role in how stable or unstable the next batch will be.


For growers who prefer to focus on yield rather than breeding, feminized seeds are an excellent option. Feminized seeds produce only female plants so growers don’t have to worry about identifying and removing male plants in the pre-flowering phase. Feminized seeds also have a lower risk of going hermaphrodite as the result of stress-inducing techniques like topping, fimming, lollypopping, or defoliation.

However, regular seeds offer a higher genetic diversity and are the ideal choice for breeders who want to create new strains from scratch. These seeds are photoperiod, so they require a change in the light cycle to initiate flowering. Regular seed is also preferred by growers who enjoy making their own marijuana seeds from male plants that can be separated from the females and pollinated with the harvested pollen. This process is called crossbreeding and is an essential part of creating new strains from scratch. This is especially useful for cannabis growers who want to customize the terpenes, high, and flowering speed of their favorite strains.

Genetic Variation

Genetic variation is an important factor for breeders. As each plant produces both male and female plants, regular seeds contain a mixture of genetics that can be used for breeding purposes. These genes can also provide growers with an opportunity to cross their favorite strains and create new varieties of marijuana.

A gene is a sequence of DNA that codes for certain traits. Each gene can present two alleles, which are variant forms of a particular trait. Different alleles can result in the same physical trait, but they may be expressed differently depending on environmental factors.

Seeds from regular cannabis plants are able to reproduce and produce male plants, which can be used to pollinate the female plants. This allows growers to cultivate their own seeds, which can be more affordable than purchasing feminized seeds. Regular seeds can also give growers a wider range of genetics, making them ideal for growing multiple varieties of marijuana.


Regular seeds are a staple for breeders who love exploring the different traits of their favorite strains. They are the best choice for experimenting with hybrids as they allow you to create male and female plants, which is essential for breeding.

Our Moby Dick regular seeds come from the infamous White Widow and Haze parent, displaying the most desirable traits of each. This colossal marijuana hybrid reaches heights of up to 11.5 feet and produces massive yields. The potency of this weed is legendary, providing an intense cerebral experience that boosts your creativity and productivity. Its euphoric touch gradually fades into a relaxing body buzz, letting you unwind and rest.

This strain is a great option for intermediate growers and up. Moby Dick reg seeds are resilient and fairly easy to cultivate. However, sexing your crop is a must to avoid unwanted cross-pollination.

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