Best Regular Seeds

Regular Seed – The Best Choice For Home Growers

Growing a great crop requires planning and proper preparation. Choosing what seed type to grow is a crucial decision for home cultivators.

While feminized seeds guarantee only female plants, regular seeds have a 50% chance of producing male and female cannabis plants. This is ideal for breeders who want to create new strains as male plants produce pollen to fertilize female flowers.


Regular seed is preferred by gardeners that enjoy the process of breeding their own strains. These growers will use male plants to pollinate female plants to create hermaphrodite seeds that can then be used to produce more of their favourite strains.

Since feminized seeds have been subjected to genetic tampering, they can become less stable over time. This can lead to a number of issues that aren’t always good for the plant. With regular seed, however, this isn’t a problem because the seeds will behave as nature intended and have a 50% chance of producing a male or female plant.

The genetics that come from regular seed are also more diverse, which can be beneficial for breeders looking to create new strains. This can help them find the right combination of genetic traits to create the ideal strain. Cloning can also be easier with regular seed because it will work better in comparison to feminized seeds, which tend to cause more stress throughout the growing process.


With a little effort, growers can easily cultivate regular plants that produce quality buds. This type of cannabis requires the same best practices as other strains and will thrive when provided with adequate light, soil, and water.

SSSC’s regular photoperiod seeds are produced by expert breeders and contain pure genetics that are not feminized or hybridised. This ensures a 50/50 split of male and female plants that are ready for cultivation.

Growers can choose from a range of high-quality regular cannabis seeds, including popular varieties like Amnesia Lemon and Harlequin x Bubba Kush. These strains offer the potency, rich terpene profiles and outstanding yields that growers are looking for. Using regular marijuana seeds also allows for breeding, allowing for the development of new phenotypes and cultivars that may not be available as feminized or autoflowering strains. This can be a great choice for experienced cultivators who want to create their own signature strains. These new phenotypes can be used for medicinal or recreational purposes.


Regular seeds preserve the genetic stability of the parent plants, offering a wide range of cultivars with diverse phenotypes that cannot be found in feminized strains. This genetic variation is especially useful for breeders as it allows them to create new strains with desirable traits.

The Herbies Seeds collection includes a diverse selection of regular cannabis seeds for experienced growers. Choose from top breeders like Dutch Passion, Dinafem, and DNA Genetics. Our seeds feature an array of flavors, aromas, and effects that appeal to the most discerning smoker.

Some of our most popular options include Chemdawg regular, a legendary cultivar praised for its robust growth and potent effects. Or, try Tropic Thunder regular for a mellow indica experience with fruity notes that taste like a cocktail at sunset. As with all cannabis, it is important to maintain the proper cultivation environment for these varieties. Choosing the right temperature, humidity, lighting schedule, and airflow will ensure maximum yields and quality buds.


Regular seed plants require sexing to identify and remove male plants before they pollinate the females. This process takes time and energy, but it ensures that growers get a harvest of only high-quality buds. It also helps avoid the waste of growing medium, nutrients, and light that comes with male plants.

Regular seeds also offer genetic stability, which is ideal for breeding and creating new strains. They also allow for phenotype variation, which are the different expressions of the genetic strain’s characteristics.

When grown properly, regular seeds can produce a high-quality harvest with exceptional flavor, aroma, and effect. However, they can be more difficult to cultivate than feminized seeds. They need to be sexed carefully to prevent hermaphrodite plants from pollinating the females, and they need to be kept in optimum environmental conditions. This can make them a risky choice for novice growers. However, experienced growers can minimize these risks by sexing their plants regularly and using the best cultivation techniques possible.

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