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How Cannabis Seeds Germinate

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Cannabis seeds can vary in size, shape and color, even amongst a pack of technically labeled same-strain seeds. This can lead to growers thinking that a seed’s appearance is indicative of its quality.

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There are a number of ways that cannabis seeds can be germinated. One popular method uses a germination station, which is a piece of equipment that mimics a greenhouse environment. These are relatively inexpensive and easy to use, but there are also DIY options.

When using a germination station, it is important to make sure the seeds don’t dry out. If they do, the root that sprouts from the seed will stop seeking moisture and won’t open.

To prevent this, a paper towel should be placed over the seeds and lightly spritzed with water throughout the day. This should be done gently to avoid squishing the seed or its outer shell. Ideally, the paper towel should be moist throughout but not drippy. This ensures that the seed will be able to open up and start absorbing nutrients.


Soil is the natural body that supports rooted plants on the Earth. It consists of mineral and organic matter that has undergone various environmental pressures. It is often referred to as dirt or clay.

Generally, cannabis seeds germinate best in soil with a loose structure that allows for water and air to penetrate easily. Sandy soils are the most common type of soil. They primarily consist of small particles of weathered rock.

Before attempting to sprout cannabis seeds, they must be cleaned of any debris and pesticides. The seeds must also be soaked in warm water to help them hydrate and achieve the proper moisture level for germination. During this time, the seeds will start to feel warmer and their texture will change. This is a good sign that they are ready for the next step of the process.


The quality of your grow light makes a huge difference in cannabis growth and yield. Light that is too strong can make plants stretch and cause them to be spindly, while light that’s too weak can slow the plant down and prevent it from growing well.

When growing cannabis seeds or clones, the best choice is a blue-spectrum light. This type of light mimics the quality of sunlight young cannabis plants receive outdoors during spring, and it stimulates their natural evolutionary cues to grow taller and wider.

Once plants reach the vegetative stage, it’s time to switch the light frequency to one that’s closer to red in the spectrum. This mimics the quality of sunlight outdoor conditions get as days start to grow shorter during summer, triggering photoperiod cannabis into flowering so they can produce buds to propagate the next generation.


The seed must take in water to come alive, and the germination process starts. If the water is too alkaline (pH above 7.5) the seeds won’t sprout, but they can be soaked in distilled water or water that has been sterilized with a small amount of rubbing alcohol.

Be careful when handling the seeds, as any disturbance can kill them. Also, be sure to plant the seeds properly so they can sprout. It is best to germinate the seeds indoors rather than in soil, as this makes it easier to control temperature, light exposure and moisture conditions. Germinating the seeds indoors also gives you a better idea of what to expect from your plants, so you can plan ahead for your cultivation space. Especially if you are growing feminized seeds that produce only female flowers.


The temperature of the seed is essential for the germination process. Temperatures lower than 70 degrees Fahrenheit and higher than 90 can hinder the chemical processes that initiate germination.

Moisture is also essential for the germination of cannabis seeds. It allows the seeds to grow and expand, breaking the seed shell and allowing them to sprout into a seedling. It also provides a source of oxygen for the seeds, which can be difficult to supply in a dark environment.

In a controlled experiment, researchers found that the rate of germination was closely related to the upper temperature limit for germination in each variety. This is because seeds with high upper limits germinate more quickly than those with lower ones. In addition, germination was less vigorous in seeds with a high upper temperature limit than those with a lower one.

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