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Regular Seeds

regular seeds

As regular seeds have a theoretic 50% chance of producing male plants, they require care and monitoring to ensure you only grow female cannabis plants. They’re ideal for growers looking to start breeding or those who are legally capped at a limited number of plants.

SSSC’s regular seed collection features some of our finest, original 1980’s genetics.

They’re cheaper

Choosing the right type of seed for your next crop can be tricky. Some growers like to plant regular seeds alongside feminized ones to account for the fact that not every seed will germinate, while others prefer to use only feminized varieties. Regardless of your preference, SSSC’s collection of regular seeds includes a wide selection of high-quality strains that are perfect for growing and breeding.

When a regular seed germinates, it has a 50% chance of becoming a male or female plant. This is different from feminized seeds, which have only a 1-in-1000 chance of producing a male plant. The advantage of using regular seeds is that they offer superior clones, and you can avoid the waste of space, nutrients, and time needed to remove male plants. This means you can get more out of your grow room. Plus, you can get a better crop overall. This is an important factor for any grower. The right seeds can make or break your harvest.

They’re more stable

Choosing the right seeds is an important part of cultivation. Growers can go for feminized seeds, which produce only female plants that will yield smokable buds, or regular ones, which have a 50/50 chance of becoming male and producing pollen.

Using feminized seeds can make the grower’s life easier as they don’t have to worry about male plants ruining their crop. However, some cultivators prefer to use regular seeds because they have a more interesting genetic lineage and can produce new phenotypes that aren’t available in feminized varieties.

Tropic Thunder regular is a mellow indica with fruity tones that will take your mind to a tropical paradise. It is a strain for veteran cultivators that requires a little more attention in order to maximize its potential, but it will reward you with yields of up to 35 oz by October. This strain is perfect for a laid-back nighttime chill out or a morning wake up.

They’re easier to sex

Unlike feminized seeds, regular plants can grow into both male and female cannabis plants. This means that they can be sexed to produce the best results for your growing situation. This also saves you from wasting time, money and growing space, as well as reducing the amount of fertilizer that is needed for a productive harvest.

Feminized seeds, on the other hand, will almost always grow into hermaphrodite plants. This is because they are produced using hermaphrodite parent plants, so the genetics of feminized seeds are more unstable than those of regular seed strains.

This also makes them less suitable for breeding, as it is very difficult to preserve the phenotype of a feminized plant by taking clones from it. In contrast, the process of producing clones from regular seeds is simpler and more straightforward. Furthermore, the phenotype of a regular cannabis plant is often more attractive than that of a feminized plant. As a result, many growers prefer to use regular seeds when breeding their own strains.

They’re easier to breed

Regular seeds produce both male and female plants, and they’re the best choice for those who want to breed cannabis strains. Feminized seeds are created by crossing two different female cannabis plants, but they require that the parent plants be stressed before the process begins in order to prevent pollination and ensure that only a single female plant is produced.

While feminized seeds are great for new growers, regular varieties are better for experienced cultivators. They are easier to sex, and they don’t have the same genetic instability that feminized seeds experience.

There are many high-quality feminized seeds available, but growing with regular cannabis seeds is an excellent way to learn about the full cultivation cycle and to develop your own unique hybrids. These seeds are also easier to breed and can be used as starting points for your own clones, which will be easier to sex once they reach the flowering stage. This makes them a popular choice for beginners and those who wish to cultivate their own unique cannabis strains.

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